What We Do

DTZ Investors is a full service, vertically integrated, real estate investment and asset manager. This means that our professional team can provide the full set of complementary real estate services necessary for successful full life cycle real estate investing.

Discretionary Management

Our fund management clients trust us to manage their property portfolios effectively over the long-term, often through property market cycles. 

Clients engage us on a fully discretionary basis to devise strategy, source assets and manage portfolios to deliver a required investment return against a set risk parameters. This may be achieved through taking on existing assets in a portfolio, the deployment of a new capital allocation, or a combination of the two.

Advisory Management

Our asset management clients trust us to combine strong processes and disciplines to income management with entrepreneurial flair to exploit growth investment and maximise potential returns from the properties they own.

Clients engage us to work with them on devising investment strategy, underwrite acquisitions, develop and execute the asset plan and identify the optimum exit strategy with a view to achieving their investment objective. Our clients include some of the largest global and domestic investors in our markets, who recognise our specialist skills in the main office, retail, logistics and hospitality sectors.

Direct Real Estate

Our direct real estate services include; devising portfolio investment strategy (structure and sector allocations, as well as style allocations), investment sourcing and acquisition, asset management, property management, asset repositioning and development/redevelopment, and finally disposal of real estate investments.

Indirect Real Estate

DTZ Investment Management Limited, one of our subsidiaries, is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority to carry on regulated activities in the European Economic Area. We have been investing in UK indirect real estate since 2004 and international indirect real estate since 2006 through this entity.

DTZ Investors REIM is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) in France.

Our services

Our ability to link these services seamlessly, gives a single lean, efficient and cost effective solution with simplified contact management for our clients.

We are flexible in our working relationships with clients. We manage investments on both a fully discretionary basis (fund management) and an advisory basis (asset management). We advise clients on the full range of potential exposures to the asset class, including direct property, unlisted property funds and listed securities (REITs).

  • Assets
  • Investment Strategy
  • Property Management
  • Asset Disposal
  • Investment Sourcing and Acquisition
  • Asset Management,Repositioning and Development
  • Finance
  • Finance Management including Accounting and Reporting
  • Fund Creation
  • Debt
  • Debt Arrangement
  • Debt Management
  • Debt Restructuring