14   October,   2021

DTZ Investors fundraising and volunteering

Following the success of the money we raised for LandAid in March 2021, DTZ Investors took part in LandAid’s next big event, Steptober. Running between 1st to the 15th October 2021, the event was a battle of companies across the property industry to top the leaderboard with the highest number of steps.

This year we set up several challenges to get more people involved, including; lunch time walking groups, morning coffee runs, and volunteering events. As a result, 28 people from DTZ Investors took part in Steptober for LandAid this year. We had 7 teams of 4 battling it out to achieve the highest number of steps over the two week period. Whilst the competitive tension between teams is great, the ultimate aim of this challenge is to raise money for LandAid. We are please to say so far we have raised a total of £1,434 for the charity, which we will also match fund once the fundraising period ends.

Continuing our charitable and step count efforts, we rounded off the week with a volunteering afternoon; a Thames clean up, litter picking on Queenhithe beach. All employees are given two volunteering days off per year, and we strongly encourage everyone to use them. Our Thames clean up crew filled numerous bags with glass, plastics, metals, containers, water bottles and more. The most notable litter we collected was microplastics. For instance, we found hundreds of water bottle lid rings that are harmful to our environment.

It is not too late to donate to Landaid, feel free to share this link on LinkedIn to generate as many donations as we can.