15   December,   2023

DTZ Investors Volunteers at the Hackney Food Bank

On the 15th November, a team of 15 DTZ Investor volunteers visited Hackney food bank to help pack emergency food parcels and wrap Christmas presents for the local community.

Hackney Food Bank supports people who are in crisis or trapped in poverty, with compassion and dignity. They do this by providing emergency food parcels which offer practical, immediate relief in moments of crisis, and by connecting people with local organisations that can help them to address the root causes and wider effects of poverty in their lives. They opened in 2012 and since then they have distributed over 864,632kg of food and household items within Hackney.  

The DTZ Investors team packed a total of  135 emergency food parcels, wrapped 50 Christmas presents and wrote 30 Christmas cards for the local community.

DTZ Investors have been supporting Hackney food bank for 2 years and during this time have donated 620kg of food and toiletries to the local community, which converts into an estimated 68 emergency food parcels for families and individuals.

The DTZI team were incredibly proud to have been given the opportunity to help out at Hackney Food Bank and will return in 2024 to continue their support of such an amazing cause.